September 25, 2022

What do sufferers have to learn about fats grafting for breast augmentation? Can you utilize your personal fats to get greater breasts. A plastic surgeon shares 3 issues you have to learn about fats switch for breast augmentation.

For most ladies, it sounds too good to be true. Eliminating just a little fats across the thighs, hips or tummy and utilizing it to get greater breasts? Why would anybody ever get implants once more?

I not too long ago attended the ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgical procedure) assembly in Denver, Colorado, and there are newer advances in fats grafting, particularly in breast augmentation. And whereas fats switch for breast augmentation is actually possible, there are 3 necessary issues sufferers ought to know that hold this process from being wildly well-liked. At the least for now.

1. You Should Be Fats Sufficient

I do know what you are considering. After all, I’ve sufficient fats for brand spanking new breasts! However you is perhaps stunned how a lot fats is definitely required.

Sometimes, 2 to 10mL of liposuctioned fats is required to supply 1mL of processed fats. For a typical 300cc breast implant (a couple of C cup for most ladies), you would wish about 1.2 kilos of fats. And that is just for one breast.

You might suppose you will have a minimum of three kilos of fats on you, and also you in all probability do, however it might not all be in a single handy spot that’s accessible for liposuction.

2. Pre and Submit-Surgical Breast Preparation

Fats grafting for breast augmentation stretches the present pores and skin greater than an implant does. Because of this, you need to put together your breasts by utilizing a tool referred to as the BRAVA system.

For a profitable fats grafting breast augmentation, you’ll need to put on two giant domes over your breasts that create suction for roughly 6-10 hours a day, every single day, for 3 weeks. This stretches the pores and skin and begins the method of recent breast tissue progress. Surgeons have discovered that skipping the BRAVA system earlier than surgery doesn’t stretch the pores and skin sufficient to accommodate the fats.

After surgery, some surgeons advocate sporting the BRAVA system once more to encourage the pores and skin, breast tissue and fats to develop.

3. Fats Grafting Dangers

There are some surgical dangers particular to fats grafting. They embody:

  • The fats being reabsorbed into the physique
  • The fats shedding its quantity and scaling down
  • A threat of calcification, which is when the grafted fats kinds a scar
  • Inconsistent outcomes

Expertise continues to enhance for breast augmentations that use a affected person’s personal fats. However for now, there are nonetheless some important drawbacks and inconveniences related to fats grafting for breast augmentation.