October 1, 2022

Saline and silicone breast implants have various kinds of filler materials. Saline implants include saline answer and silicone implants have silicone gel. This explains why there’s a distinction in surgical incision size. Saline implants want a smaller incision, whereas silicone implants want a barely longer incision to insert the breast implants into the breast pocket. The distinction is kind of small, however there are benefits and downsides for each.

Saline implants are positioned into the surgical breast implant pocket with out the saline answer. This permits the plastic surgeon to roll up the empty saline implant and place it into the pocket. The surgeon then fills the implant with saline answer by way of a fill tube. The incision for a saline implants is often about 2.5-3.5 cm or 1-1.5 inches lengthy.

Silicone implants are already crammed with silicone gel earlier than insertion. You’ll be able to’t add or subtract any extra silicone into the implant, which is why they’re inserted fully stuffed. The bigger quantity requires a barely longer surgical incision to accommodate the implant. The incision is usually about 4-5 cm or1.5-2 inches in size.

When you find yourself contemplating getting a breast augmentation, the distinction within the size of the incision must be in comparison with the completely different look and feel of a saline versus a silicone breast implant. The commonly consensus is {that a} silicone implants have a barely higher look, since there may be much less rippling and wrinkling than a saline implant. Additionally, silicone breast implants have a better high quality filler materials, which permits the implant to maneuver and really feel way more like a pure breast.

Whatever the incision kind: areolar, breast fold/inframammary fold, or underarm/axillary incision; the silicone breast implant would require an extended surgical incision.  

Ultimately, the selection is yours, however a barely longer incision is a small trade-off for a extra pure look.