October 1, 2022

Final yr in the US, roughly 60,000 ladies selected to have a Breast Carry (or Mastopexy), a surgery that raises and reshapes breasts which have sagged from being pregnant, important weight change, or the pure strategy of getting old. Quite a lot of these ladies, wanting extra breast quantity, had augmentation with saline or silicone gel implants on the similar time.

Augmentation Mastopexy is a fancy surgery that challenges even essentially the most expert and skilled plastic surgeon, who should take care of the opposing forces required to make breasts fuller (by stretching the pores and skin with implants) but firmer (by tightening the pores and skin with a breast carry).

To do that surgery, plastic surgeons generally draw a fancy sample on the breast, take away a number of the extra pores and skin, after which tailor tack these tissues collectively. They do the identical on the opposite breast, after which trim extra pores and skin a number of instances to supply most tightening and guarantee that the breasts had been nonetheless symmetrical.

About six years in the past, once I was performing an Augmentation Mastopexy, the proverbial mild bulb went off: If a surgeon tightens and tailors the breasts first with surgical pores and skin staples, maybe she or he may determine the whole quantity of extra pores and skin to be eliminated and previsualize the ultimate breast form and symmetry earlier than making an incision. I discovered this to be true.

Over a five-year interval, I used this system on 45 sufferers. The findings had been printed within the Sept. 2009 situation of the American Journal of Beauty Surgical procedure, in an article entitled “Augmentation Mastopexy for Reasonably to Severely Ptotic Breasts: Previsualizing Breast Form and Symmetry With the Modern and Versatile Staple-First Method.”

This new strategy is particularly helpful for ladies with reasonably to severely ptotic (droopy) breasts. It doesn’t matter what ladies need size-wise, or how droopy or uneven they’re, the surgeon can produce constant and predictable outcomes.

For me, the approach has taken the guesswork out how a lot extra pores and skin must be eliminated. It permits the surgeon to get the utmost carry and create the very best symmetry and form in a single easy step with the least quantity of scarring. As well as, it permits the surgeon to regulate for any asymmetry of the breasts, which is widespread amongst ladies.

And since there is no such thing as a longer the necessity to do a number of pores and skin trimmings, the operative time is shorter, sufferers obtain much less anesthesia, and their recuperation is simpler.

With the adage of measure twice, minimize as soon as, it is rather comforting to preview the tip results of an Augmentation Mastopexy earlier than making an incision.