September 26, 2022

Because the face matures ages over time, some folks will develop fats loss which might make the face seem considerably hole and sunken. Whereas this will likely have been a very good look when one was younger, within the older face such fats loss makes it seem a lot older and even a bit ill-appearing. A superb analogy is {a partially} deflated balloon that seems smaller with extra fold and wrinkles in understanding what occurs when fats is misplaced within the face over time.

The relocation or transplantation of fats from one a part of your physique (often the abdomen, flanks, or thighs) is a at the moment common technique of rejuvenating one’s facial look. By including or restoring fats quantity to pick out areas of the face, such because the cheeks, aspect of the face, jawline or temple areas, a much less sunken in and extra rounded face is created. Such a change could make the face seem extra wholesome and youthful and helps plump out some folds and wrinkles which have developed. This method of fats grafting is completed by an injection approach in order that there are not any incisions or scars that end result from doing it.

The harvest or removing of the fats from the physique is of a small quantity so no ‘liposuction’ result’s obtained from doing so. Many occasions, I can be performing liposuction on the physique anyway and this is a perfect time to do simultaneous fats injection enhancement of the face. The harvest of the fats is completed by conventional liposuction strategies however the processing of it for re-injection requires particular strategies for purification and focus. Presently, I want the addition of PRP (platelet-rich plasma), a pure extract of blood from the affected person which is concentrated for its platelet progress elements), as an addition to the fats. It isn’t but scientifically confirmed that any alchemy strategy is helpful for fats graft survival, however there is no such thing as a hurt in doing so with a affected person’s personal blood merchandise.

Fats injections ought to be regarded as an additive or adjunctive process for facial enhancement, often not a stand alone process that may clear up all facial getting old issues. Confirmed conventional anti-aging facial procedures comparable to facelifting strategies and facial implants are nonetheless the cornerstone of facial rejuvenation. Fats injections will be mixed with any of the standard facial surgery procedures to enhance and optimize outcomes. More often than not after I do facial fats injections, it’s with different facial procedures not as a stand alone process.

The one disadvantage to facial fats switch is it unpredictability. Nobody can predict with any accuracy how a lot fats that’s injected will survive. That is why I nearly all the time overcorrect. In lots of components of the face it does pretty properly, however the space across the mouth (together with the lips) appears to be the least predictable space. For that reason, different extra conventional strategies of perioral enhancement (comparable to artificial injectable fillers, implants, and pores and skin resurfacing) are at the moment higher in my expertise.