September 25, 2022

Just lately, I acquired a query from a scholar asking me if I assumed that promoting or creating an audio data product about kids well being can be a good suggestion. And I do assume kids’s well being points can be an incredible topic for audio interviews. What may very well be extra traumatizing for a mum or dad than having a baby who’s in poor health or sick? They desperately need a resolution, they need solutions. There are in all probability not a whole lot of solutions, it depends upon what sort of sickness they’ve, however completely.

I could not consider a extra hungry market and it sort of sounds merciless from a advertising standpoint, however what may very well be extra vital than discovering options for a kid who’s sick? Individuals need options to that and cash actually, in lots of instances, wouldn’t be a problem. So relying on what you are attempting to do, I feel that might be a highly regarded market and one thing that may very well be very rewarding for you as nicely.

One other instance, there is a man I see on TV out right here in San Diego, he has a present, it is truly a thirty minute infomercial, however whenever you watch it you’d by no means know. It is referred to as The Wellness Hour and it is a man named Randy Alvarez. Now what he does is he interviews medical consultants. He has a group of interviews similar to I do the place they’re interviews on medical consultants.

However you understand how he monetizes this? I do need to say that he is doing video manufacturing, however simply think about he was simply doing audio interviews, and I’ve even considered doing this as a result of he does stuff on hair loss, so he’ll interview a few surgeons who do hair loss surgery.

He interviews surgeons for facelifts, for surgery with girls who’ve issues that their veins, each sort of medical surgery. He’ll strategy them, he’ll ask them in the event that they wish to do an interview, he’ll produce a thirty minute present. He’ll cost them as much as $10,000 only for the manufacturing of the present.

Now, as soon as they’ve that present he’ll supply them promoting the place they’ll purchase thirty minute slots inside a neighborhood media vary to air that present to advertise their high-end surgical procedures. He is doing one thing that might be no completely different when you simply modified it from video to audio, you would do the identical factor. He’ll air a present and he might promote some beauty surgery that would make that surgeon $10-$20,000.

So it is no completely different, although audio I’ll inform you is lots simpler. You want little or no ability to do an interview with a medical professional on audio and it actually could be accomplished. So I might inform this gentleman who requested this query to go to The Wellness Hour, take a look at what he is doing and simply ask your self, “Can I do one thing comparable for the actual sickness that I used to be fascinated about?”

My youngsters are 9 and 6 now, however you simply keep in mind again when you need to go purchasing for the crib in your child, there’s nothing extra vital on this planet than that crib and you will go to 5 completely different locations to search for that good crib. Or whenever you search for a stroller in your child, you actually analysis the stroller market, it is unbelievable and also you need the perfect. And when you’ve got somewhat child there’s these items referred to as the newborn Bjorn the place if you wish to maintain your child near your physique you set this strap factor on and you set your child and he sits in there.

Each little product in your child is crucial factor on this planet. And their well being issues and desires much more vital!