September 26, 2022

The necessity to scale back or slim extensive cheeks is a far much less frequent request than making them larger. Mostly, cheek discount surgery is requested by Asian cultures, notably Jap Asians. East Asian cultures worth a small face, and extensive cheekbones seem to make the face larger. In uncommon circumstances, a affected person might have developed a large cheek(s) resulting from a facial bone fracture from an damage or might merely have a extra flat face look which makes the face look extensive.

Cheek discount could be achieved by two strategies, By way of an incision from contained in the mouth, the prominence of the cheek bone could be burred down or a bit of cheek bone could be eliminated permitting it to turn out to be narrower. Burring down the cheek bone is never a good suggestion. It takes plenty of bone discount to make a visual exterior distinction and the comfortable tissues of the cheek might sag after if they don’t heal again right down to the bone. Taking a vertical wedge of cheek bone out the place it attaches to the primary bone of the higher jaw, permits the whole cheek bone complicated to fall in, narrowing the width of the face. I normally place a really small plate and screws to verify the outer a part of the cheek bone stays within the newly narrowed place completely. The again finish of the cheek bone, the place it attaches to the cranium (temple) , will also be lower in addition to the entrance finish. When each are achieved collectively, the face is additional narrowed.

Whereas slicing and eradicating a bit of cheek bone feels like a posh process, it’s actually fairly easy and fast to carry out. It’s much like a chin osteotomy however it’s simpler on the affected person as this a part of the higher jaw is just not accountable for jaw motion though there are some muscular tissues connected to it. It’s far more practical than burring of the cheek prominence and poses no danger of the comfortable tissues of the cheek sagging after surgery.